About Us

The main purpose of the Trust

To undertake community development for poor and needy persons and anti-poverty initiatives. A holistic approach to this purpose is driven by Agape love for the allround well-being of those in need. The approach considers the parts that comprise the needs of an individual and the interdependence of those parts. One such part is the need for a safe place to return to from your wanders, where you enjoy security, stability and protection. This is the harbour on route to a better tomorrow.

The scale below illustrates the mission of the Trust in relation to those parts that would connect the well-being of the needy:

The scale is underpinned by the Trust that will work tirelessly to provide such holistic caring and outreach, focussed support and the upliftment of a needy person.
Please support this mission through your contribution by way of donations in cash or in specie or your time-help us build this harbour so that those in need can eventually sail out into a better tomorrow.